natural selection.

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down but not out, up within this pocket of immediate joy.
i do not pretend anything, yet everything you see-
blue is yellow, yellow is green.
here enjoy this fantastic hit with me.
shh, let it be, relax and be free.
like always was, and never wasn’t… the past is now and the future is present,
orange slushie… purple ice-
brought to you by your favorite vice…

magic night

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The night that seems shrouded in discovery,
Without a sound, a subtle look… your lips reach out to mine…
like fireworks that ignite the dark our bodies collide.

The sex is like touching the lips of a god, Im in awe…
engulfed in sexual ecstasy an excitement, we take it higher.

Inhale these drugs and become my queen, its so obscene,
the things we do in between these sheets.

Soaked in sweat and channeling ancient energy,
I will never forget that one night, just you and me.


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Sometimes, they come true…

I wish… So much, but most of all I wish I could be what everyone needs me to be, a rock, a wall, a lover and a fighter. Protector and deflector, truth in the dark.. And light in the shade. Protection from sin and sand, the tortures of the land- but flesh and frail bones is all I can be… Yet maybe, its all anyone needs…

compulsively creative

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I have switched back to an older version (theme) of insomniak- I really love this one as it has a lot of cool features, like the mini blog in the sidebar. I really need to start writing daily again, so I hope you all enjoy my musings. As usual I will post poems, short stories, photos and images of my art- but I will also start posting short updates about my life in general. I think it is important to reflect on ones life, and what better way to do that then with the typed word and openly for otehr to read… I’d like to say I’m an open book, but thats not true- though I will try to be a transparent as possible.

Please feel free to send me questions that you may have… I give good advice believe it or not, so I am here to help you if your in a dark place as I have been in many myself: or maybe you just want to share something special that happened to you… and maybe I will share your story in one of my posts. Life is beautiful friends, live it to the fullest because you only get one shot and no misses. IO will leave you with a quote:

The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.

~William Shakespeare

in the slipstream

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In the slipstream of life we all flow at a pace that is proportional to the actions we make, the paths that we take- the lies we tell, or the truths we fake. Friendships, relationships- may slow or speed our trip, but once at journey’s end and the slipstream set us free we can only hope to be remembered by how we wanted to be.

apology, to my shooting star…

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I’m sorry for the lies I told that may not have been true. I’m sorry for the way I am sometimes, I probably don’t deserve you. I still think your a star, and you deserve all you want and desire- and maybe one day I can light your fire. This is real, the only way I can truly speak, otherwise I sound like a fool and come off weak- but I am strong, and a rock you can lean on when you need to-and maybe I just need someone like you.

these times…

Posted by on March 31, 2012
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These days, these times. These moments that come and go, but linger so. Half dreamt, and never fully remembered– these times. Snippets and snapshots, melting thought. Searching for some truth that maybe cannot be realized, or maybe it can=– just down these pills in my hand. Ah, clarity from chaos. These times, these days, life lessons surrounded by haze.

one night stand.

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The sun was peaking through the shades covering the hotel room window, the room a mess of pizza boxes, empty beer cans and liqueur bottles. An end table by the bed held the remnants of a eight-ball that had been consumed quickly throughout the night. Steady slow breathing from my right side, a look over and the only thought I had was, “She’s blonde?”.

Crawling slowly from under the covers I look for a cigarette, find one, light it. Cigarette smoke clouds the room and the suns rays cut through it, leaving bright smoke beams. A smell… could be me, I don’t remember showering within the past two days but the smell was more pungent than body odor. I kick around some trash on the floor and uncover a dead rat, maggots having their way with the carcass. What a dump.

I turn to rustling in the bed, ‘Hey, got another smoke?”. I toss the pack onto the bed with a nod and turn to look through the window; clouds, rain, gloom. From behind me, “Hey, I thought you were a blonde…”.

I sigh. “I thought you would be gone by now…”

the waning gibbous moon…

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Tonight earth’s lonely celestial satellite, the moon, is shrinking in size; moving from a full moon, to a new moon. During this time, it is said that:

“This is a time for spells that banish, release, reverse. This is a time to break bad habits or bad addictions, to end bad relationships.”

You can feel it, the change… the power of the moon.

snow flakes

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Small white flakes drift down from the sky, back lit by a bright amber skyline. These flakes they touch everything, land on my skin; they don’t melt these flakes, they burn. Listening; nothing… an eerie silence and nothing else. I cough, again… and again. Blood begins to come with the coughing, as the dust settles and I finally get a clear view:  rubble, fire, chaos.

I look up and away from the pestilence, I try to see a star in the sky, but the glow is still too bright. I hold out my arms and close my eyes, pretending that these are real snow flakes, and we can make snow angles…

All is lost, at least for me. I take my last breaths remembering the good things; sadly, their aren’t that many. I think, “Look what we have done to ourselves…star dust, to star dust”.


dawn; a new day.

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The time is 7:15 in the morning, and I have just pretty much completed all that needs to be done for this site to function as such that it is. That is to say, it’s working fine for now.

I made this video today for one of my songs, “All the Lost”. Watch it below.[tube][/tube]