one night stand.

Posted by on September 15, 2011
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The sun was peaking through the shades covering the hotel room window, the room a mess of pizza boxes, empty beer cans and liqueur bottles. An end table by the bed held the remnants of a eight-ball that had been consumed quickly throughout the night. Steady slow breathing from my right side, a look over and the only thought I had was, “She’s blonde?”.

Crawling slowly from under the covers I look for a cigarette, find one, light it. Cigarette smoke clouds the room and the suns rays cut through it, leaving bright smoke beams. A smell… could be me, I don’t remember showering within the past two days but the smell was more pungent than body odor. I kick around some trash on the floor and uncover a dead rat, maggots having their way with the carcass. What a dump.

I turn to rustling in the bed, ‘Hey, got another smoke?”. I toss the pack onto the bed with a nod and turn to look through the window; clouds, rain, gloom. From behind me, “Hey, I thought you were a blonde…”.

I sigh. “I thought you would be gone by now…”