10 Recomended Windows Programs

There is a lot of software and applications that can do many different tasks out there; however, coming across those programs that work great, are efficient and always get the job done can be hard to find. Over the years I have used a lot of the same programs, trying out all sorts of applications and getting to know them well in order to determine if they are worth the install or not.

The following list of 10 Windows Applications are some of the best, which are strongly recommended for download. All downloads are safe, being spy ware and virus free; most of them are either trial or free editions, thus if you like any of them you may have to purchase the full copy.

Blaze Media Pro| [Download]
Featuring a lightweight interface and lots of options this audio/video/data burning and converting program does just what it’s meant to and with superior performance. Burn CD’s, DVD’s, SVCD’s, Data CD’s/DVD’s and tackle lots of other jobs with a host of multimedia tools.

WinRAR Archive Extractor| [Download]
This will open .rar archive files, which has become pretty common now for packing a program or files. It also extracts .zip and a host of other archive file types.

Tweak Now Power Pack 2009| [Download]
This program comes equipped with all of the necessary tools you may need in order to: diagnose, research and view all of the connected hardware to your PC with detailed statistics. Also has tools for fixing computer errors and tweaking your system for optimal performance.

Winamp 5| [Download]
For years it has been one of the most accepted PC audio players, with good reason. Winamp does so much cool stuff that I won’t mention it all; however, it will let you sync with your mp3, burn CD’s, rip CD’s and etc. Skins, plugins and versatility make Winamp a must download! Be sure to check out the Milk Drop visualization plugin.

HiJackThis! Spyware Application| [Download]
Here is a program that is great at finding spy ware that is running on your computer. Just do a scan, and delete the suspicious items. Works great!

RegCure Registry Cleaner| [Download]
I consider this application the best registry cleaner out there, it does a thorough job when scanning, and cleans items that are clogging up your registry. I’d recommend that everyone use this program weekly due to how quickly the Registry can become a mess due to program uninstalls, spyware, and program crashes.

Mozilla Firefox 3| [Download]
Surf the web at your own pace and style, with out catching any rouge waves. In my view simply the best web browser for Windows; plug in’s, themes, fast browsing and much more to keep you on the internet all night long. I recommend the Stumble Upon add-on.

Notepad ++| [Download]
I hand type all of the code for my websites, and for the longest time I would do so in windows Notepad; that is until Notepad ++ came out. Tab system, recognition of all code languages and can save to almost any file.

Avast Anti Virus| [Download]
This program is in my opinion one of the best virus scanners for use; it is very thorough, quite fast, and will not be shutdown by any virus causing it to not work. There is a 30 Day trial, but it is worth buying.

uTorrent| [Download]
I have been downloading torrents with this program for some time now and it has never once let me down. No crashes, great download speeds, low CPU usage and a built in torrent search that covers all the main tracker sites. A must have for all torrent downloading.

Do you know of or use any programs that you feel are worth sharing? If so then please head here and fill out our contact form with the information of the application. Please, Windows based programs only that are available for download and at least offer a trial version if they are not full version.