I have many interests that range from writing to drawing, photography, graphic and web design as well as making music. This blog is a place where I can share snippets of my numerous forms of art in a neat presentable way. One day I may post a poem that accompanies a photograph that I took, or the next may be a short story I wrote. I am always working on some creative en devour or another, so be sure to check back often, you never know what you may find!


The graphics that are displayed, were made by myself inside of the mighty Photoshop. More unique and eye-watering graphics will be seen throughout this site; also mostly made by myself, unless otherwise noted.


Your viewing this page because of XHTML and CSS, with PHP. This webpage is Standards Compliant, meaning it should display on just about every browser, or smartphone. Of course, WordPress is doing it’s thing, keeping all the words you are reading tidy and wrinkle free.


This is of course the second version design of the site; sadly the first site was lost completely as were all of my posts that dated all the way back to 2007. It pains me that it cannot be seen and the posts read but looking forward is always the best practice and this version has posts that date back to 2011 and I plan on continuing making entries for as long as is humanly possible. Thank you for reading I hope that something I have written or posted has touched you in some way in that I may have helped you.