snow flakes

Posted by on September 13, 2011
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Small white flakes drift down from the sky, back lit by a bright amber skyline. These flakes they touch everything, land on my skin; they don’t melt these flakes, they burn. Listening; nothing… an eerie silence and nothing else. I cough, again… and again. Blood begins to come with the coughing, as the dust settles and I finally get a clear view:  rubble, fire, chaos.

I look up and away from the pestilence, I try to see a star in the sky, but the glow is still too bright. I hold out my arms and close my eyes, pretending that these are real snow flakes, and we can make snow angles…

All is lost, at least for me. I take my last breaths remembering the good things; sadly, their aren’t that many. I think, “Look what we have done to ourselves…star dust, to star dust”.