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From where I stood to you I could not be seen; just another lost soul roaming the streets. From afar- your beauty still caught my eye and made me smile, and made my heart flutter. If I would approach you I was sure to stutter, and my words would come out mumble jumbled.

Skip over the street, stumbling and knees weak. I slide along side of you, discreet and out of your view. You turn around and spot me there, frozen- and my gaze locked on your eyes. Emerald green with a sparkle from the nights moon, a temptress that within me made my heart swoon.

Within a beat of my heart, now at pace with each passing second quickened, inches from me you took up presence. Whispers in my ear in a tongue unknown to I, yet with each poetic word and understanding took hold within my mind. The hairs on the nape of my neck stood alert as with ancient precision sharp fangs sunk into my flesh and began to steal away my life blood.

Oh merciful beautiful angelic beast of the night, you have left me but only once as I once was yet renewed as something even more than I ever was in total. Deaths embrace holds tight as I now lurk in the same shadows where I saw you that fateful night, a never ending process to maintain this half life I live in your image, yet despair behind thick curtains in dark rooms.

A thief of life, living in death…

these times…

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These days, these times. These moments that come and go, but linger so. Half dreamt, and never fully remembered– these times. Snippets and snapshots, melting thought. Searching for some truth that maybe cannot be realized, or maybe it can=– just down these pills in my hand. Ah, clarity from chaos. These times, these days, life lessons surrounded by haze.

on a journey…

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I wrote this last night while….pondering some things. It just came out of me and onto the screen. I rather like it.

Crossing through these ethereal planes with nothing but my mind and some magic perhaps I can hitch a ride on a comet? Someone told me that should I see an otherworldly beast with giant fanged teeth to hold my ground, and let him go around. Through peaks and valleys I float on at a pace to prolong my stay In hopes I may see the beginning again, and experience the future complete.

no crying over spilt milk

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A soft blanket of freshly fallen snow glistened like a field of diamonds; me walking alone into the frigid wind, up the path leading to a small log cabin. Over my shoulder is a black duffle bag, in my right hand I carry some groceries; my left holds my cigarette. I take a drag on my smoke and notice how serene the quaint cabin looks with smoke rising from the chimney and nothing but orange candle glow through the windows.

I juggled for the keys and manged too unlock the door and open it without dropping the grocery bag. As I began too step into the house I turned to face the outside, flicked my cigarette butt into the yard, when I finally looked inside the house I was standing three feet away from a half dressed brunette woman laying in a puddle a blood.

Heart beat; faster and faster. Breathing, deeper. Panic, shock… and yet some sort of weird primeval excitement at the site of a dead human being. I was knocked out of my daze of bewilderment and other thoughts by the groceries hitter the floor, a milk jug bursting open. The thick white milk began to roll towards the body, and started mixing with the dark red blood.

The sound of Police sirens startled me yet again… Then, my only thought was; “What the fuck….?”

one night stand.

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The sun was peaking through the shades covering the hotel room window, the room a mess of pizza boxes, empty beer cans and liqueur bottles. An end table by the bed held the remnants of a eight-ball that had been consumed quickly throughout the night. Steady slow breathing from my right side, a look over and the only thought I had was, “She’s blonde?”.

Crawling slowly from under the covers I look for a cigarette, find one, light it. Cigarette smoke clouds the room and the suns rays cut through it, leaving bright smoke beams. A smell… could be me, I don’t remember showering within the past two days but the smell was more pungent than body odor. I kick around some trash on the floor and uncover a dead rat, maggots having their way with the carcass. What a dump.

I turn to rustling in the bed, ‘Hey, got another smoke?”. I toss the pack onto the bed with a nod and turn to look through the window; clouds, rain, gloom. From behind me, “Hey, I thought you were a blonde…”.

I sigh. “I thought you would be gone by now…”

snow flakes

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Small white flakes drift down from the sky, back lit by a bright amber skyline. These flakes they touch everything, land on my skin; they don’t melt these flakes, they burn. Listening; nothing… an eerie silence and nothing else. I cough, again… and again. Blood begins to come with the coughing, as the dust settles and I finally get a clear view:  rubble, fire, chaos.

I look up and away from the pestilence, I try to see a star in the sky, but the glow is still too bright. I hold out my arms and close my eyes, pretending that these are real snow flakes, and we can make snow angles…

All is lost, at least for me. I take my last breaths remembering the good things; sadly, their aren’t that many. I think, “Look what we have done to ourselves…star dust, to star dust”.